Robotic basket loading and unloading system for new and existing sterilisation retorts.

The system is designed and studied to receive containers from the filling line, place them inside the basket which will then be directed towards the sterilisation retorts.

After sterilisation, the baskets return to the Robot, which will unload the containers and send them to the packaging line.

The system is tailor-made and gives the possibility of making maximum use of space available.

The possible coupling with suction cup pick-up systems and arms on the heads enables the combined pick-up of the interlayers.

The Robotic basket loading and unloading technology was developed for both medium and high speeds.

SPEED from 2 to 4 layers per minute

The basket loading and unloading system with Robot has different customisation options. Its main feature is flexibility, as it is a technology that can be configured based on specific Customer’s requests:

  • Possibility to manage both the basket loading and unloading functions with a single Robot.
  • Flexibility, reliability and full traceability of the containers
  • Thanks to different types of special multifunction heads, the robotic system is able to meet the packaging needs of most containers.
  • Thanks also to the various types of baskets, to be chosen according to the type of container, the system becomes universal, suitable for any type of container, such as: metal cans, glass jars, pouches, plastic cups
  • Very fast format change
  • Expandable for increased production
  • High residual value of the robot over time
  • Reduced maintenance costs
The basket loading and unloading system with FMT Robot can have two different pick-up head versions:
  • Pick-up head with suction cups
  • Magnetic pick-up head