The electronic filler with Flow meters is ideal for filling viscous, dense or liquid products that require a high level of hygiene, such as, for example, milk-based products such as Drinkable yoghurt or Oil, Vinegar, Syrups or Toppings.

Thanks to the use of flow meters, the machine is completely electronic and can be subjected to a fully automatic CIP cycle to ensure sanitising of the entire circuit. Filling takes place without contact between the valve and the container, minimising the possibility of contamination.

The filling phases can be set via the machine PLC, making it easy to use and ensuring recipe repeatability.

It is available both in the linear version, for low speeds, and in the rotary version, for medium-high speeds The FMT electronic fillers with Flow meters can have two types of flow meters, defined according to product conductivity: 
  • Magnetic: for products with standard conductivity
  • Mass: for products with conductivity below 20μS/cm
Different customisation options are available in relation to the type of product and container to be processed:
  • Automatic dummy bottles system
  • Customised nozzles in relation to the product
  • Possibility of “counter-current” washing

The various technologies of the filler with flow meters can be found in two configurations: