FMT is able to study and create complete sterilisation systems for full containers, whether they are cans, glass or plastic containers.

In relation to the project, considering the production speed, the type of product and layout needs, FMT is able to offer both robotic and traditional basket loading and unloading systems.

The FMT traditional basket loaders and unloaders are very sturdy machines, designed to work in wet environments and move heavy loads.

These machines carry out the entire loading and unloading phases of containers into the baskets. They are available in automatic and semi-automatic versions.

The machines can be combined with the shuttle to carry out the handling operations and the unloading/loading of the baskets from/to the retorts.

An essential feature of the FMT machine is the ability to be customised in the main functions, in relation to Customers requirements.

Customisations can concern components such as:

  • Type of container pick-up head
  • Machine layout
  • Work height
  • Basket dimension