FMT S.r.l. is an Italian company located in Parma in the Food-Motor&Packaging Valley, founded in 1997 by a group of businessmen with many years of experience in the food-tech sector.

Specialised in the designing and manufacturing of free-standing machines and turnkey systems, FMT S.r.l. has constantly grown, gaining an important position in the Food and Beverage worldwide market, counting among its Customers some of the most important companies in these sectors, known both at national and international level.

The wide range of offered technological solutions distinguish itself in great reliability, flexibility and quality.

FMT leading areas of application are the packaging lines for sauces, dressings, edible oil and greases, oil pickles, vinegar pickles, canned fruit, honey, baby food, ready meals, cream cheeses, milk-based products, soups, canned meat and fish with regard to the Food sector, carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, fruit juices, syrups, beer and soft drinks for the Beverage sector.

The range of containers that can be processed varies from glass or metal containers to plastic or PET containers, such as jars, bottles, cans, boxes.

Today, FMT has 4 production plants, with over 7,000 square metres of production space and 1,000 square metres of offices.

In order to directly control the quality of its machines, FMT has also invested in the turning department with numerically controlled machines and a team of people with experience in steel processing.

Always with the aim of improving internal processes and speeding up its Customer care times, FMT has dedicated an entire department to automatic storage units and the digitization of storage processes.


Since its foundation in 1997, FMT S.r.l. has changed and evolved, following the various market needs, structuring itself in 4 divisions to propose increasingly customised and innovative solutions, spreading its trademark worldwide through its production: over 1000 machines and 200 complete lines.

FMT S.r.l has placed “Customer satisfaction” at the forefront of its philosophy: to propose solutions suitable to the various production needs, to promote the most innovative systems in the sectors of research and development, to pay particular attention to the smallest details of the project and to ensure a specialised and timely assistance.

The company has chosen to grow and develop by investing time and resources in training programs and human resources, recruiting young people to grow within the company and with the company.