Our concentration / under vacuum evaporation systems have been developed with the aim of enabling our Customers to obtain a HIGH QUALITY end product with low consumption of energy and steam.


An essential condition, not only of this machine, but of all our Process Division machines, is the care of the productand its specifications throughout the process.


The system was designed to be fully automatic. The various production recipes can be saved and then selected directly from the machine PLC.

Automatic valves and control systems (e.g. BRIX), make the machine capable of creating the end product automatically.

The main features of this technology are:
  • Double horizontal coil
  • Flavour recovery system
  • BRIX automatic control
  • High evaporation efficiency at low temperatures
The models of FMT evaporation / concentration systems are:
  • MD 1000 (1000 L loading capacity)
  • MD 1500 (1500 L loading capacity)
  • MD 2000 (2000 L loading capacity)