Packaging system with Pick & Place Robot.

The system is designed and developed to receive containers from the filling line, to place them inside the package, or on a conveyor belt, which will then be directed towards the additional packaging area or palletising area.

The system is tailor-made and gives the possibility of making maximum use of space available.

By using the modularity of all the platform elements and combining the robot with the pick-up heads, it is possible to find the solution that best suits the different requirements in the world of packaging.

Advantages of Pick and Place FMT systems
  • Flexibility, as this technology can be configured according to specific Customer’s requirements
  • Precise positionig of the container in the pack
  • Tailor-made design making maximum use of space available
  • Reduced installation costs, the equipment is supplied assembled and wired, positioned on a skid
  • High residual value of the robot over time
  • Reduced maintenance costs
The packaging system with Robot, Pick and Place, has different customisation options. 
  • Product packed in one or more layers
  • Possibility of different levels of automation
  • Expandable for increased production
  • Thanks to different types of special heads, the robotic system is able to meet the packaging requirements of most containers