This technology is ideal for filling vegetable and fruit products such as, for example, cucumbers, onions, pickled vegetables, olives, artichokes, mushrooms.

Using the gravity technology for filling, the Vibration Linear Filler also has the advantage of being very sturdy and an user-friendly equipment for the operators.

Its main characteristic is the flexibility; this technology can be used to fill different types of products and containers, without having to change the format.

The filling technology by vibration has been developed for both low and high speed.

The Filler has different customisation options in relation to the type of product to be filled, such as:

  • Filling with a vibrating or belt surface
  • Tubular frame
  • Adjustable conveyor frame on wheels
  • Special “clean-design” conveyors suitable for automatic washing with spray-ball and scrapers
  • Hopper and filling section on wheels
  • Conveyor easy to remove for inspection
  • Hopper automatic washing system
The FMT Linear Vibration Filler is proposed with 3 different options:
  • Product distribution with stainless steel vibrating surface.
  • Product distribution with motorised belt conveyor.
  • Product distribution with special “Clean design” belt conveyor

The various Linear Vibration Filler models can be found in two versions: