Correct preparation of the batch is essential to obtain a high quality end product.

FMT Mixers / Cookers are designed and created for homogenous batch processing with particular attention to the processing of various ingredients that can make up a recipe.

The Mixers / Cookers can be incorporated with various automation systems to facilitate and industrialise the various operations and are designed to process products with or without pieces.

The FMT Mixers / Cookers have the essential feature: the internal batch stirring system is also the thermal transfer component.

With this technological innovation, FMT has eliminated the static and hot parts in contact with the product, thus eliminating the risk of “burning” of part of the batch.

The automation systems available are:

  • Load cells
  • Trolley elevator
  • Flow meters
  • Worm screw for powder products
The models in the FMT range are:
  • CM 1000 (for 1000 L batch)
  • CM 1500 (for 1500 L batch)
  • CM 2000 (for 2000 L batch)