This technology is ideal for filling non-carbonated products such as RTD, fruit and vegetable juices, isotonic beverages, energy drinks, sport drinks and Ice Tea in glass and plastic containers or in cans

Hot filling is the most suitable solution for filling products without the risk of contamination and with a low investment.

The FMT Hot Fill Filler can have different types of valves to fit the needs of the product and of the container:

  • Self-levelling valves (for bottles with long necks).
  • Valves with a slight vacuum (glass only).
  • Hybrid valves for HOT FILL and ISOBARIC filling

The HOT FILL technology has been developed for both low and high speeds, always starting from a hygienic, reliable and high quality design. 

This technology has been specially developed for filling the product at high temperatures.  

To ensure this, the machine is equipped with constant recirculation of the product in the valve and a filling temperature control.

The filler has different customisation options in relation to the type of product to be filled or the container to be processed, such as:
  • Parts in contact with the product in AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on request)
  • Quick format change equipment with the option of neck handling in case of plastic bottles
  • Filling and recirculation valves with electro-pneumatic control
  • Product recirculation in valve to start filling only if the product temperature is correct
  • Mobile filling valve to eliminate product leakage at the end of filling.
  • On request, it is possible to provide a special “dynamic pressurisation” configuration, with the machine completely closed and with filtered air injected into it, to avoid product contamination
The Hot Fill Filler can have different configurations: