Complete lines for preserves in oil and vinegar

Like most canned products, even oil pickles come from the need to make most of all the fruits and not to waste the precious summer ingredients

The two most common techniques since ancient times, to preserve the goodness of the ingredients, are:

  • IN OIL 

In addition to using other salt-based liquids (brine).

FMT is able to study, develop and create complete systems for packaging these products, whether they are filled in glass, plastic or can containers.

The most common filling technology involves double filling.

An initial Filler is used for the “solid” part of the end product, namely the olive or pepper or mushroom, etc.

This filling can take place with different technologies, from the traditional “ Pocket Filler” to filling by weight.

On the other hand, a second Filler, by first creating a vacuum in the container, fills the container with the liquid used to preserve the product (hence the name “Vacuum filler”)