Complete lines for milk-based products

The term “milk-based products” means all products that are derived exclusively from milk ,with the possible addition of any substances necessary for their production, and products made up of milk, that is say, products in which no element replaces or intends to replace any milk constituent and for which milk is an essential part.

Generally speaking, there are two categories:

  • MILK (pasteurised, fresh pasteurised, microfiltered, long-life, condensed, evaporated) 
  • DAIRY PRODUCTS (cream, butter, spreadable cheese, buttermilk, yoghurt, kefir, etc.)

FMT is able to study, develop and create complete systems for packaging these products, whether they are filled in glass, plastic or can containers.

The most common filling technology is the one called “Volumetric” which, based on the product specifications, can be electronic or mechanical.