Complete lines for Beer

Beer is an alcoholic drink typically obtained from the fermentation of barley malt-based wort, flavoured and made bitter with hops.

Among the most widespread and ancient alcoholic beverages in the world, it is produced through the alcoholic fermentation of sugars deriving from starchy sources, the most used of which is barley malt, that is to say germinated and dried barley, often simply called malt

FMT is able to study, develop and create complete systems for packaging these products , whether they are filled in glass or can containers.

This type of product is very sensitive to oxygen residues in containers and, this is why, the FMT Fillers have been developed so as to ensure that the product is filled correctly and with the highest precision.

Our Volumetric Filler also enables a quick format and recipe change, as well as an automatic machine cleaning, the CIP.