Robotic palletising and depalletising system for unpacked containers.

The system is designed and studied to receive containers from the filling line, place them on pallets which will then be placed in quarantine or in storage units to be labelled at a later date 

Subsequently, the pallets return to the Robot, which will depalletise the containers and send them to the secondary packaging line.

The system is tailor-made and gives the possibility of making maximum use of space available.

The possible coupling with suction cup pick-up systems and arms on the heads enables the combined pick-up of empty layer pads and empty pallets.

The technology of palletising and depalletising with robot was developed for both medium and high speeds.

The palletising and depalletising system with Robot has different customisation options. Its main feature is flexibility, as it is a technology that can be configured based on specific Customer’s requests:

  • Possibility of managing both the palletising and depalletising functions with a single Robot.
  • Various types of heads to be chosen according to the type of container, such as: metal cans, glass bottles and jars
  • Very fast format change
  • Expandable for increased production
  • High residual value of the robot over time
  • Reduced maintenance costs