This technology is ideal for filling any type of viscous or dense product, with or without pieces such as, for example, marmalades, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, pât, baby food, honey, spreads.

Using a mechanical technology for the filling, the Piston filler also has the advantage of being very robust and easy to use equipment for operators.

It is extremely flexible and can be adapted to the filling of different types of products

The FMT piston filler can have three valve versions:
  • Standard valve or “rotary” valve.
  • Valve with Horizontal or vertical plungers.
  • Valve with membrane.
It is available both in the linear version, for low speeds, and in the rotary version for medium-high speeds.
Different customisation options are available in relation to the type of product and container to be processed:
  • Filling from the bottom
  • Automatic piston extraction system for CIP
  • Customised nozzles in relation to the product
  • Conical or cylindrical valves or with membrane

The various technologies of the piston filler can be found in four machine versions: