Linear Filler with Flow Meter

SPEED from 20 to 150 CPM
(*) The speed depends on the valve configuration, on the container and the product to be filled

Filling systems for glass, metal or plastic containers. Processed products: liquid, dense, semi-dense; all these products may or may not have: pieces, pulps or fibres. The range of products includes, among others: tomato purée, jams, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, pâté, edible oils, creams, baby food, honey, yoghurt, etc.


  • Operator interface with touch screen panel and simple and intuitive service menu;
  • Simple and quick format change;
  • High degree of precision and cleanliness;
  • Machine suitable for automatic CIP washing (without piece disassembly) through the use of dummy bottles;
  • Movement control through servomotors that can be controlled via touch screen panel for maximum dosing accuracy;

The range of Vega fillers is provided in different versions: 4, 6, 8 and 12 filling heads;

Depending on the product to be processed, the dosing valves can be mass flow meters or magnetic flow meters.


  • System with PLUNGER for high filling accuracy with pieces;
  • Bottom filling device with servomotor;
  • Container feeding and synchronisation worm screw with servomotor;
  • Temperature recording system of the product in the hopper.
  • Available in the TCC® version: machine with fully automatic CIP washing system

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