Linear Weight Filler

SPEED from 20 to 150 CPM
(*) The speed depends on the container and the product to be filled

Highly flexible filling systems for glass, metal, plastic or cardboard containers.

Processed products: granular products and products containing pieces. For example: spices, chopped fruit and vegetables, soluble products.

Operator interface with touch screen panel and simple and intuitive service menu.

Simple and quick format change.


  • High degree of precision and cleanliness;
  • Extremely easy disassembly of all parts, thanks to the tool-free design;
  • Control of the various parameters via the touch screen panel for maximum versatility.

The range of FMT Linear Weight Fillers is declined in the versions with 6, 8 and 12 filling heads.


  • Possibility to download and save the production data
  • Product elevator to the load cells with buffer hopper
  • Upper roofing with HEPA type air filter
  • External platform to access the upper part of the machine
  • Customisation of the vibrating product of the feeding system in relation to the characteristics of the product to be filled.

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