ANTARES Palletiser (high level)

The “ANTARES” series Palletisers for palletising cartons or shrink-wrapped packs are characterised by a sturdy two-upright structure, by product palletisation from above and by a high production capacity.

The ANTARES models are equipped with single or double inlet to the layer pre-forming area in relation to the line speed.


Mobile pallet palletiser with carton or shrink-wrapped packs inlet from above;

Sweep-off palletising system, suitable for processing different types of final packs

Translation of the entire layer to be palletised to minimise machine cycles.

Machines equipped with a device for the insertion of the interlayer between the layers and related storage unit.

Operator interface with touch screen panel and simple, intuitive service menu

FDA standard compliant


  • Operator platform.
  • Automatic layer-pad deposit system with floor-mounted storage unit
  • Empty pallets storage unit
  • Double inlet for high-speed lines.
  • Layer preformation area with shutter belt conveyors instead of rollers.
  • 15″ touch screen industrial PLC
  • Possibility of downloading all production data. 

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