GEMINI Depalletiser

The “GEMINI” depalletisers, for loose containers, are suitable for handling all types of rigid containers.
These machines are characterised by a sturdy structure with two uprights, by the product evacuation from below and by a high production capacity. The GEMINI depalletisers are equipped with motorised
guides and can be programmed to compact the layer to be depalletized, which is transferred to an intermediate platform and from there pushed onto the containers evacuation belt conveyor.


  • Depalletiser with fixed pallet and containers exit from the bottom;
  • Sweep-off depalletising system, suitable for processing different types of containers;
  • The machine is equipped with a pick-up device for the interlayer between the layers and an empty pallet stacker storage unit;
  • Operator interface with touch screen panel and intuitive service menu;
  • Quick and tool free format change with programs controlled by standard PLC;
    Motor drive control system by encoder;
  • Movement transmission systems through toothed belts in order to reduce noise level and to be maintenance-free.


  • High upright for depalletising pallets with height between 1450 and 2950 mm
  • Containers unloading table with double motorisation
  • Operator platform for pallet film unwinding
  • Automatic 3-position multifunction column for picking up the interlayers and the empty pallets, complete with 2 independent ground storage units for interlayers and pallets
  • Automatic empty pallet stacker storage unit;
  • Containers evacuation on chain conveyor belts and aligner waithout pressure.

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