ANTARES Palletiser (low level)

The “ANTARES” series palletisers for cartons, shrink-wrapped packs and trays are characterised by a two upright sturdy structure.

These machines are structured with one or more inlets with product transfer onto the pallet by a roller platform that opens into two halves.

The platform is equipped with motorised and programmable layer guides for the perfect centering of the pallet and fast format change operations


Operator interface with touch screen panel and simple, intuitive service menu;

Quick and tool free format change with programs controlled by standard PLC;

Motor drive control system by encoder;

Movement transmission systems through toothed belts in order to reduce noise level and to be maintenance-free; 


  • Automatic layer-pad deposit system with floor-mounted storage unit
  • Empty pallets storage unit
  • Pallets handling on belt conveyors
  • LOTO system
  • 15″ touch screen
  • Machine with one or two inlets, depending on line speed.

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