Monoblock for bottles

SPEED from 50 to 700 CPM
(*) the correct Monoblock configuration will be calculated in relation to speed

Filling systems for glass or plastic containers. Processed products: Liquids with addition of CO2. CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink) or even with the presence of alcohol (beer or sparkling wines). The range of products includes, amongst others: Cola, Beer, Sparkling wines, Cider, Sparkling water, etc.


  • Operator interface with touch screen panel and simple and intuitive service menu;
  • Possibility to customise the various filling phases:


  • High degree of precision.
  • High performance in the elimination of oxygen in the filled and closed bottle.
  • Machine suitable for automatic CIP washing (without pieces disassembly) by means of dummy bottles;
  • Movement control that can be managed through touch screen panel for maximum dosing precision;
  • Quick format change.


Among the various possible options, in relation to speeds and product type, the machine can be equipped with:


  • Automatic caps feeding system with buffer
  • Automatic dummy bottles
  • Possibility of installing mass meters for products with conductivity < 20 µS/cm
  • Monoblock roofing with internal overpressure system and HEPA filters
  • Laminar flows

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