Zeus – P Palletiser

Small palletising robot for low / medium speeds
(*) The speed (packs/minute) depends on many factors and must be calculated together with our experts. 

The ZEUS-P robotic palletising islands were developed by FMT to meet our customer needs to have economic, compact, automatic and flexible end-of-lines.

The system is able to process any type of final packaging such as cartons, bundles, bags, etc., thanks to the possibility of installing different types of pick-up heads on the robotic arm, based on the type of final pack to be palletised.

The machine is completed by an operator interface with touch screen panel and simple and intuitive service menu that also enables a simple and rapid format change;


Operator interface with touch screen panel and simple and intuitive service menu;
Simple and quick format change;
High degree of flexibility;
Machine installed and sent to the customer directly on SKID already wired; (rapid installation by the customer)
Movement control via servomotors for maximum precision;
Various types of pick-up heads (gripper, comb, magnetic, with vacuum)


The basic configuration of the ZUES-P Palletiser can be added with various options to increase the performance of the Robot;
Automatic head change;
Empty pallet storage unit;
Empty and full pallet handling;
Industry 4.0;

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